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Post by Lux on 25th February 2016, 9:23 pm

If you have any tournament, event, or forum suggestion, either HP themed or Yugioh themed, feel free to suggest it here and we'll review it and let you know about it!

Our staff sometimes lacks of inspiration, and we also would like to know what type of contect would our members like to have Wink

My Harry Potter GIF compilation:

 Suggestions 3230307997_1_2_P0QAi5EQ
 Suggestions Tumblr_mcx6c440HN1rf5vg2o1_500
 Suggestions Dcaaa7d96763eca7c5867b12f178604e
 Suggestions Tumblr_mijkbenMzI1rtmlvfo8_250
 Suggestions Harry-potter-gif-harry-potter-23969227-500-249
 Suggestions Bac75610-ec5f-0132-99da-0e972b0ec8fd
 Suggestions 7c4e8f3b7026bb658047cf000db4feda
 Suggestions Tumblr_lv11zzCfhc1qhsrjfo1_500
 Suggestions Giphy
 Suggestions Tumblr_nb9nppRKMP1tx2qhno1_500


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