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Post by Lux on 25th February 2016, 9:18 pm

If you wish that your academy war ours, answer the code below. We'll review your request and reply in shortest time possible.

Academy name:
Academy link:

My Harry Potter GIF compilation:

War Challenges 3230307997_1_2_P0QAi5EQ
War Challenges Tumblr_mcx6c440HN1rf5vg2o1_500
War Challenges Dcaaa7d96763eca7c5867b12f178604e
War Challenges Tumblr_mijkbenMzI1rtmlvfo8_250
War Challenges Harry-potter-gif-harry-potter-23969227-500-249
War Challenges Bac75610-ec5f-0132-99da-0e972b0ec8fd
War Challenges 7c4e8f3b7026bb658047cf000db4feda
War Challenges Tumblr_lv11zzCfhc1qhsrjfo1_500
War Challenges Giphy
War Challenges Tumblr_nb9nppRKMP1tx2qhno1_500


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